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Riders for Health – Life Transport

Riders for Health began in the minds of Barry and Andrea Coleman and motorcycle Grand Prix rider Randy Mamola in the 1980s, and was finally registered as its own Non-Governmental Organization charity in 1996. During the time before registration, the loose group of people worked within the Grand Prix paddock to gather funds for various African charities. However, it soon became clear that to accomplish their mission, they would have to organize it themselves. So, when they made it official in 1996, the mission became to make sure that every health worker in Africa has some access to reliable transport. This is very important for reaching the most isolated people for health care – and the motorcycle is the best vehicle for the job.
To put it simply, they raise money with several events which are usually held in conjunction with MotoGP Championship series rounds in cities across the globe. They host special up-close and personal rides at various tracks, auctions of amazing objects of desire, and you usually get to meet Randy Mamola – or, of course, Barry and Andrea.
With this money they purchase motorcycles, parts and accessories, and train local mechanics to work on their fleet of bikes. The bikes belong to the local health clinic, hospital or other health operation. This allows these health agencies to take healthy practices – in other words, life - to the most incredibly remote places on this planet. Riders was behind the second ‘around the world’ trip of Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, “Long Way Down.” Simply put, it is people helping people to help people live. If you wish to learn more or help out visit: Make it a better world.
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