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Looking back on my riding experiences, I had some very close calls and not told anyone in my family. Guess why?

The love of riding makes my breathing air so much sweeter. If it didn’t, I would not have gotten on it after a near miss that would have killed me… my fault!

Have I learned something this year? You betcha!

I’m getting older. This year I received a ‘trigger finger’, more pain in various joints, skin bumps, and a pot belly bigger than I’ve ever had due to more riding and NO exercise.

Yep! The belly has got to go and I know how to deal with it.

So do I make predictions, promises, and set goals for 2015. I really doubt it except for eating less and moving my arse more. Daughter just graduated nursing school(very proud!) and already has a job. She will continue living with us for a while. I’m thinking this will help us out financially… son will be going to college in a year.

In 2014, I have learned more than ever to keep my mouth shut. That a close friend is a rare thing and should be cherished. A gun should be greatly respected and kept close by. I’ve learned to always have an exit plan especially when riding the bike and where your soul will reside should the bike thing not work out. There is nothing like a good lap dog! I’ve leaned that I DO NOT need paxil but still struggling with changing the direction my thoughts go sometimes. Beer, wine, coffee, and a mild cigar can all do wonders but must use restraint. A fire in your chiminea along with a drink(coffee or stronger) and the lap dog can heal your soul.

I hate to see older people poking along. Got behind a very old lady in a small car hogging the fast lane this morning. I don’t want to look like that. Made a mental note. However, I have learned to no be so impatient. Slow down some! This is in everything. Be slower to fire off an email. Be slower to make a decision. Slow to judge. Slow to speak.

This living stuff plus growing older is not for the faint of heart, huh? cheers:D
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