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Hey riders,

I have an 05 Vegas. No light mods.

The right side front/rear turn signals went out.

I have 0 volts to the fixtures.

Left side works fine.

Indicator lights on the "console" blink at normal rate when you turn the right side signal on.

All fuses are fine, swapped blinker relay with fuel pump, no change. (Relay is fine)

Self diagnostics shows Code 14:
Left Hand Circuit Over--Current Possible Causes: Shorted bulb (filament has shorted across fila- ment posts) Action: replace bulb. Short to ground at socket or in related wiring. System will interrupt power to the shorted circuit. Left side bulbs will not be illuminated. Action: Determine front or rear. Inspect wiring.

Well we know that's not true because the left side works perfectly.

* Once again I did NO work to the lighting prior to this*

Didn't install any LEDs or mistakenly hook up reverse polarity to the front right blinker because I am literally riding stock fixtures.

Any ideas? ACMs are expensive!
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