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I have this idea for a second fast naked bike to be bad on, even though I know its not practical or feasible right now.
The BMW NineT caught my eye, just for its cool looks. I stopped by a BMW dealer while I was out riding and they were more than happy to toss me the keys.
I'll get this out of the way, I'd never own one, I'd give myself an hour tops until I was crying like a baby to get off. The NineT was far to cramped and awkward for me, with about the worst seat since a 2x4 and kidney punching suspension to boot.
Maybe its been too long since I rode a sport oriented motorcycle. I'm not sure where a NineT falls in the scheme of things but OMG!! that little **** hauls ass and corners on a knife edge. The engine's power was intoxicating, gobbs of pull from anywhere with a very throaty exhaust note. I was cackling like a nut case every time I got on the throttle. I was on mostly back roads, where the bike showed awesome brakes and handling to match the engine. On my way back, I stopped at a light that turned on to a flat 4 lane superslab, since traffic was light, I decided to lay into it and see what she had....As soon as I cracked it, she howled and stood the front end right up(holy ****...) I quick hit two more gears, when I glanced down, I saw the speedo passing 105mph...That was good for me thanks :D
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