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Security System

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Can anyone recommend a security system for a Vision Tour? I am considering Digital Guard Dawg. Any ideas?
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Personally I don't have one but have installed the Guard Dawg. It works well.
diamondrmp thanks for the information I appreciate it very much. Happy New Year to you and yours.
i have also heard good things about the guard dawg, just remember whatever you get, you will get what you pay for
i keep my bike in my shop 99 % but thats a great idea for the security system, where is the best place to find them. :confused:
ronfox I went to Guard Dawg's website and looked and also called them in CA. They were having a special same price as the net except you got a extra key fob and free shipping is what i was told. This is for Victory riders. Be Safe.
07ACE that is a true statement.
Diamondrmp thanks for the info.
alarm for VV Tour

I had the dealer install Lojack for bikes when I bought my 09 in February. It came with an early warning system (unlike a car). It comes with a farb. If the bike is moved when the farb is more than 30' away, Lojack will call your phones until you respond. If your bike is actually missing then you call police and they track the lojack signal. I think it's the best system. It pricey though $600. Good luck.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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