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Bought these back in June after I lost my Milwaukee gauntlets. Always need a warm pair of gloves in the bag, right? Well, these do fit the bill: warm and waterproof. Not too bulky.

HOWEVER, because of the knuckle guards they're sorta uncomfortable for me. Left hand fits great, but my RIGHT hand is a quarter inch wider across at the knuckles, as well as the knuckles of my first to fingers of that hand being bulkier. Presumably from wrenching on other peoples' cars my whole life.

The gloves have a couple thousand miles in them but are in near-new shape other than a couple bug bits. Outside is all leather, and they have a sort of microfiber insert along the outside of each index finger which is handy for wiping water off your visor or glasses. They appear to be totally symmetrical in construction so I have to blame the ill fitment on my goofy hands.

Size large, men's, $35 shipped to you USPS. They retail for $60 at Cycle Gear
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