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There was an underground station for the NJ PATH commuter train adjacent to "ground zero". While closed for a time after the attack on the towers, it re-opened while excavation and clean-up on the site was still underway. I lived in the Philadelphia aria at the that time and would occasionally have to visit the financial district on business'. I would park in NJ and take the PATH train to the Trade Center station. My first trip after the attack was one I will never forget. Normally when you exited the train there was a wall across from the train that was a divider between the station and a lower level of the Trade Center. You would exit the train, turn left and walk up the stairs to street level with that wall to your right. This day when I exited, in addition to the fluorescent lighting, we were greeted by daylight. The wall was no longer there. Rather it was a chain link fence with some form of construction fabric attached that I guessed had been added to try and keep out weather as well as restrict any view of the open pit of "ground zero". However, there were a number of areas where large pieces were missing and you could look directly into the 'hole'. I am not ashamed to admit that I had to wipe and clear my eyes.

I will NEVER forget!
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