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So I ordered a Service Manual for my 2003 Vegas from my friendly Vic Dealer (great guys BTW). Never checked the price...went to collect, and holy crap! Soooo expensive!
HOWEVER the parts guy gave me a really good point to consider! As he said..."that's less than 2 hours labor charges...and you have it as a reference tool for ALL your repairs from now on". Good point! Now I use it for all my own maintenance, and's been money well spent. The thing is the size of a Yellow Pages and contains every piece of info you could ever need.
Now...if only I had all the skills needed to do every repair, but for my average's a huge help! thumb up

Part # is 9920337 and it covers 2003 - 2006 Vegas, Vegas 8 Ball and Kingpin...just in case you want one...


1 - 3 of 3 Posts