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Some of what we have to offer

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I have some sale price's I thought i would throw out there.

2009 Victory Hammer (red tribal)- $17,599
2007 Victory Jackpot (black)- $13,999
2009 Victory Vision tour (red premium)- $18,799
2009 Victory Vegas 129miles (pearl white)- $14,999
2009 Victory Hammer S- $17,199
2009 Victory Kingpin (2 tone blue ice/white)- $15,899

If you have any questions please let me know, I'll be more than happy to answer any of them. Again my name is Ryan.
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price changes

The white Victory vegas is down to $13,999
The Victory Hammer "S" is down to $14,999
The Victory Kingpin is down to $13,799
The Victory Vision premium is down to $18,799
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