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SpeedCell SBK Battery!

SpeedCell SBK Battery

The new incredible superlight Speedcell battery that produces 1.8 amps per gram of weight.

The SBK battery is a 240 Amp Battery, weighs 1.7 lbs.

It's durable: Only a 1% total capacity loss with stop loss at 2% so it never drains down to zero.

Retail is $250- Contact us at [email protected][/EMAIL">[email protected]"][email protected] or register on our website for passwords for forum member pricing through January. the sign up is under the log-in box inthe Products section

We will also have a SS version designed for bikes under 750cc that is only 11 ounces. Retail is $160. Contact us for the group price on those as well.

The first shipment is due before Christmas.

We have free shipping until the end of the year too.
Write "CFS08" on the company line of the order form or mention it to Matt when you order.
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