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I have a 2012 Cross Roads LE, the front tire has a slow leak, so I decided I would replace the front tire and tube. The bike has 17,900miles on it, but the tire looks like it would last another 6000 miles or so. I went to the Dealer and he wanted $312 to put the OEM Elite II and a new tube on it. I checked online and could buy a Elite III radial like my 2011 Cross Country has for $156, with install and a new heavy duty tube it would be $232 at a independant motorcycle shop.

Now I get the Dunlop Elite III and it has a sticker that says do not mount with a tube. Dunlop's site says to use the Elite III on a XR LE. I read online at forums that you just need a"radial tire tube", which is a heavy duty tube. I live in Wi so tire heat isn't much of a problem.

Anybody change out thier bias tire for a radial on their spoked wheel motorcycle?

Also I had the rear tire replaced a couple of thousand miles ago, and it is a Elite III radial with tube.
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