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CAM SHOOTOUT! I was excited when I heard about a new cam profile that was coming out from Head Quarters: the Wyrd Brothers XV40. At the Vic Shop we'll install anything that is reliable and makes power. So of course we had to stack up these new cams with the tried and true Lloydz Motorworks VM1 grind! So we found a donor bike, stayed up all night, and tried the two back-to back.

Here are the results: The Headquarters cam is also a "direct replacement" billet cam like the Lloydz design. Both cams are the same price and outwardly appear very similar. Neither manufacturer shares the grind specs, but I can tell they are quite different from the tunes required for them to run correctly.

Donor bike is a 2014 XC with Vance and Hines slip-ons, quiet baffles, Lloydz timing wheel and air filter, and a Power Commander for fuel and timing control. We tried to give both cams a fair shake. We tuned both combos cylinders individually and ran custom timing maps for both too. Both combos we ran with the timing wheel at +7 (this bike wanted a BUNCH of timing advance). Then I posted the best of both cams: red is the XV40 and Blue is the VM1. Yes, the VM1 did pull away from the XV40 after about 4000rpms, otherwise they are pretty neck and neck. We had heard that the XV40 may be a quieter cam than the VM1, but we really didn't get a chance to road test it to find out. I'd say that it's definitely a possibility as the lobes don't appear quote as aggressive as the Lloydz.

Either way, I'd say the XV is a contender. We're not done testing all its possibilities yet. I foresee that it may be a good grind for the 08-09 100" bikes or even the earlier 03-07 bikes where there isn't a good "medium" cam on the market. Also we're very curious as to what it can do in a 106" steel frame bike. So for now the VM1 is still the top of the heap, but others manufacturers are starting to nip at it's heels as Victory solidifies it's place in the market as a performance bike!
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