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Basic storage tips for any vehicle:

Although this can be extended much further, these are just the basics for 60 plus days of storage regardless of the time of year.

A fuel stabilizer should be added to the fuel and the fuel tank should be topped off. Run the engine thoroughly to assure it is warm and fuel is throughout the system.

Before shutting the engine off, it would be recommended to fog the engine at a slightly elevated idle. The engine should kill when you back off the throttle but, if it doesn’t, continue fogging process and hit the kill switch. The engine should not be started or turned over after this step has been completed until it is time to pull out of storage. Top fuel tank off again. Shut fuel off if applicable.

The following can be skipped if AMSOIL is used: At this point, considering you have a Four Stroke, change the oil with oil of the proper specifications, although you can use less expensive oil for storage. This is to avoid TBN (acid neutralizer of oil) depletion. Pro and Con to this but I believe in it with the tests I have seen.

A good idea would be to have the tires off the ground for the storage period.

I would recommend a Battery Tender and not a trickle charger be put on the battery. If your choice is to remove the battery, it should be stored inside and on a piece of wood, put a trickle charger on it every few weeks just to keep it up and be sure it is fully charged before reinstalling. A 1 volt drop in your battery can begin to damage starters and charging systems.

Again, these are just basic simple steps and this can be extrapolated much further.

We can help you with the purchase of oil, oil filters, fogging oil, fuel stabilizer, brake fluid, anti-freeze and your other fluid and lubricating needs.

Oil, is the Lifeblood of your engine. The oil filter, is the Kidney that keeps it clean.

The Best isn’t cheap
Cheap isn’t The Best

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