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Hey All,

So I'm getting ready to pull the trigger on a CC 8 ball due to it being cheaper then a regular CC and I can load it with the accessories I want and it'll still be a grand or more less.

There's a bunch of "lickies and chewies" I want to get but have no experience with. So I was hoping you all could help me out.

Any way, below is are the things I'm want to load it with:

Extreme 6 speaker audio system.

So naturally I'm considering adding the speaker bags as well.

So for those that have them, are they worth the money?
At 80 mph does it sound clear and crisp or at least better then just the 2-4 speaker usual setup?
Did you lose a ton of Bag Room?
*Dumb Question* They're water proof yes?
If you had to buy them again, would you?

Super Low Seat

Is it comfortable on distance rides?
How is it for passengers?

2" Pullback bars
If you ran stock and upgraded are you happy with it?
Is handling any different?

Adjustable passenger floor boards
Worth it?
Are your nagivators happy with them?

Hydraulic Clutch Kit

Heated grips
Worth it or just get thicker gloves or heated gloves? I primarily live in Southern AZ for info.

XM adapter
Worth it even I can play it off my phone?

When not on the road it'll primarily be garage kept.
However, it'll be sitting in the AZ sun for at least 12 hours a day when I take it to work.
So, worth the money?

Thanks in advance guys!!!

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I can only address the +2" pullback bars. I put these on two of my Vic XCT bikes. They made a huge difference in arm/shoulder comfort/fatigue for me. Of course, this is dependent on your height, inseam, arm length, posture, sitting position, etc. So your experience may not be the same. If you find that your upper body has to lean a bit too far forward, then these bars can help. This forward lean can cause your neck to have to lean your head backwards a bit too much (i.e. chin has to be raised) in order to look straight down the road. You may also get relief from shoulder fatigue.

The +2" pullbacks are easy to install. Handling is still great. However, in slow speed full lock turns, the reach to the grips is lengthened so this is a tiny bit of a disadvantage.



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Super low seat is awesome... Stereo is awesome but not nearly as good as you can do buying quality components.
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