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Suspension Settings for Heavy people and luggage

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Can you help me understand the limits and benefits of the rear suspension adjustment? I am considering the purchase of a used Victory Vision touring bike. My wife and I together equal 400 pounds. Can the Victory Vision handle that weight AND full luggage, or will it bottom out with each bump?

For perspective, we took a 2 week road trip in 2019 on my 2007 Vulcan 1500. The Showa shocks were dialed in and packed up with air to the maximum 60 pounds and we bottomed out once on a bad road. In 2023 we go bouncy bouncy bouncy while crossing RR tracks. It's either invest money in an old bike (get Progressive 444's) or move on to something more comfortable for us.

Thank you!

Robert a.k.a. FakeNewsCup
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No Problem
Wow, hope your wife doesn't see this post, she will w0p (the automated censorship on here is seriously STUPID) you on the noggin. LOL. Fairly sure the Vision and the CCT have identical rear suspension. My wife and I combined are more than that, more like pushing 580, plus full saddle bags and trunk and I never had any issues with my CCT's rear suspension when set at 72 psi and tires at proper pressures.
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