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I have enjoyed how loud the swept pipes are for a few years now and last ride I went on it was obvious that not only did other riders but I got tired of the head pounding but beautiful sound..Its ok for short rides but i am tired of the ear pounding.Yes i could replace them with something that produces more power and all but I’m good with how well it performs now. I just want it to be a little quieter. So I did research on QQs from TMB. I read some homemade mods that others have done and I’ve seen pics of the QQs inside and out. I saw that the QQs didn’t have as good of success in shutting these pipes up as much as they think..So it was worth given it a go myself.

I removed my baffles. I went and got some actual baffle wrap from local HH who build baffles. The guy there recommended turning the baffles around and installing them backwards. I wrapped them with the packing and reinstalled them. They were a bit calmed down but, I did not like the so called potatoing at deceleration at all it was terrible..

So took them back out and cut 5 inches out of the center and welded them back together. I then wrapped the with the baffle fiberglass high temp 1300 degree stuff from HH. I welded a small washer on a stem in the frt. and a slightly larger one in the aft on both baffles. I wrapped the in the high temp baffle glass and secured it with fishing line so to make installation easier. When the pipes get hot the fishing line melts away and the glass expands so it can do its job better tight glass will not work well. I reinstalled and I must say I am very happy with the outcome.

Power, torque who knows seems to be the same maybe a bit more probably just me but is isn’t any less that’s for sure.. The sound is highway speeds it is very nice and at an idle it is deeper and rumbles. When you get it on it, it’s bad to the bone way better than it was. The potatoeing is gone and the few back fires I had seem to be less as well.

Sorry for the long write submitted for information purposes only.

Here is sound bit from youtube.


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