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I have my moments of clarity! It came in the shower just now. I was almost killed a couple of weeks ago because I turned too soon and a car missed me by inches. I’m still thinking about it.

Here we go…

When you start working out, lose the weight, build some muscles, fit better in clothes, you feel better, your attitude is better and you tend to embrace a certain idea that you are tougher and better looking. You’ve changed!

When you go from being dirt poor to being rich, you gain friends, buy nice things, women hit on you, people seem to respect you more, and you ultimately change.

You get some excellent genes from mom and day and one day figure out just how brilliant you really are. Your intelligence is obvious to many others. They want to hire you and be your friend and so on. You develop a certain arrogance… you change.

On a bike, we are all the same! We are exposed to the same elements. We are vulnerable. We are focused on what we are doing while twisting the throttle for many different reasons. So many things can come together and the next thing you know, none of the previous stuff matters.

I tend to give riding more credit than it deserves… maybe! It either enhances my life or it is a complete waste of time.

It is most likely one of the greatest decisions I’ve ever made and I feel greatly blessed to have each opportunity to ride.
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