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Its been a long summer without riding and I'm still not finished. There are some fitiment issues being worked on and fixed as I type this but at least I can ride while its being done.

Big thanks to;

Joe at Kewlmetal for the KMPS with fat lowers, KMAR, custom VLC Primary and Timing covers.

Will at CycleopsUSA for the custom 3D insert on the battery box.

Scott at Conquest Customs for the cables and Lyndall brake pads.

Preston and Paul at Santa Rosa Vee Twin (SRVT) for the Edge Bars. Check out how the clutch cable has been routed through the bar.

These guys have been very helpful and patient helping me bring Porti to this stage.

Special thanks to Gary and my son in law Robert for doing all the physical work on Porti.

Everything done was cosmetic. The front end, SRVT Edge bars, fender rails, exhaust tips, valve covers and triple tree block off plate all got the engine matching crinkle powder coat.

Some friends pointed out to me and I agree that the front with all the black and the fat lowers makes Porti........look a little more raked?

Next week I will add pics with the solo seat minus the Outlaw Chrome sissy bar.

There are a couple of more things to do but those will come during the rainy season.


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sweet, sweet, sweet!!!!!
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