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The more I work on this Victory the more I like it. The Tri-pin is roughed together with an improved frame design. Paint scheme will be pearl and grey to match existing layout. Grills will be flat black.
I incorporated a 14" fan for low speed cooling which is thermostatically controlled via oil cooler temp sensors. I swapped out the rear wheel with a Vision 16" and added a CT, some machining is required for that swap. 3 CT's will allow for 60K plus millage and much better ride and control.

I have some pre-paint photos on the webpage

Also photos of the Yamaha Raider (Vegas Raider) I did for the 2014 SEMA show.
The raider is the first non-prototype (4 prototypes prior) and the tri-pin is #2.
Next on the long list is a GL1800 conversion. I have a couple VTX units in the works also.
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