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Any direction is appreciated.

I own a '99 V92c which had started showing the ill temper that is common for this bike, so I have purchased a '03 Freedom. I have watched Rylan Voss' tutorial on this procedure and am finalizing purchases to move forward. Before I (attempt) to contact PMRT about the chip, I am trying to answer a few questions:

What is the potential fit for S&S intakes across model years? I am a fabricator by trade, so the plan is to convert my stock exhaust to a 2:1 using Megs components. With my early morning schedule and a contentious relationship with my landlord, I need my neighbors on my side, so I cannot get much louder than stock. The bulk of discussion on exhaust seems geared toward looks (which I, of course, cannot ignore) and "exhaust note", where I need help in real performance vs noise. Any word from those with hard exhaust experience would be most enjoyed.

I fear that I have started to over-think this and could use some opinions.
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