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Hello all,
I just ran into an issue where my tail light shorted out and blew a fuse...
I went to take the bike for a ride and it was completely dead...
I checked the battery voltage and was reading 12 volts so I figured it was likely a fuse.
I checked the fuses 1 by 1 until I came upon the fuse "FLASHER 10A IGNITION"
I replaced the fuse and was happy as a clam when I turned the ignition key and was able to start up...
About 30 seconds later heave smoke came from the fuse block and the wire harness started burning up...
I quickly shut down and doused the flames with water.
Looks like my wire harness and fuse block is roached...

Does anyone have any idea what this would cost to replace?
I'd hate to have to loose the bike over some wires and a few components...
What does a typical Victory shop charge for something like this?:puke:
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