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First I am not taking any credit for this idea, it was a large group of TC owners that I gleaned this info from and since I have seen a few new TC owners here I thought I would share my latest mod. Credit to the HD Turn Signal Pioneers that have gone before us. Thanks!!!

- Purchased 2 HD dual filiment turn signals off Ebay for 35.00 shipped. I missed a couple better buys while on the road but still did well as these were lightly used. Look for pitting at the top near the crease. For anyone looking to buy you will need the lights with 3 wires at least 6" long. I did notice that several people listed some as front/rear which is incorrect as the housing is front/back but dual filament has the ground on the case plus two just like our wires. Also, older HD's I guess didn't have the running light incorporated much like the 05 TC which is only a jumper in the lamp bucket.

- 1/8 IP thread lamp fitting. Went with that vs the 1/4 which does look more solid and will require the 1/2" drill bit on the T mount for the signal. I found the steel standard 1/8 IP nut spoken of at at Taylors and made two thin nuts into one for each end. Worked well and yes, as recommended used lock tight.

- Dremmel out the notch in the mount double the size to accommodate the additional wiring. Worked perfect with the dremmel circle file. Watch out for micro metal material on your hand which can transfer to your eye. Yes, it hurts.

- Auxlight connection in headlight bucket. Buy new connectors, cut during disassembly and crimp back on during assemble. I cut and soldered to save a trip to auto store... Wasted way too much time.
- Removing old TS mount bracket from light bar. Good recommendation was vice grips and rolling it out. Worked perfect.

- Removing old bolt from Aux light housing. Dremmel disc careful not to grind into housing and hammer to knock out.

- Heat shrink, I used 1/4 inch for almost all of the wiring shrinking tight over solder joints and leaving loose for routing.

- Soldering wires. I am NOT an electrical type guy. LUCKILY an electrician at work told me for something like this to stagger the cuts on the 3 wires by 3/4 inch, cut the wire leaving 1/4" on each of the two joining wires and then if you can picture this slightly fan the two ends meshing them end to end until the join together. Lightly touch them to steady the wire, flux and solder. Wow, was I proud of myself and what a clean solder job. For me especially!

- Operational check. Took the advice of another rider and did do the check as I went along ensuring we were good BEFORE solder.

Wiring from another rider is:
HD purple to V blue (turn signal)
HD blue to V gray (parking light)
black to black

Very happy with the appearance and a huge difference in visibility I think. Thanks to all who pushed in this direction and got me rolling on this and all the input in the another thread that made this a VERY simple and significantly improved Mod to my TC. Very happy with the outcome!


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