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So I am trying to fit a 200 rear on my Highball with a set of ridewright fat 50 wheels... (Ridewright doesn't make the rear wheel size I want in the soft lip style). I am putting a 21" on the front and sticking with 16" or possible 17" wheel on rear. My problem is when I search for white wall rubber it is all made by Vee... I had some of there cheap ass tires back when I used to race 80's and they where cheap. Are the white wall cruiser tires any good?? Thanks in advance for any help on this one men.

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can't speak for the white wall's. My experience has been this.

Was in Lewiston ID in August(great roads there) but they eat tires with all the chipseal.

Was in dire need of a new tire for my long ride home. Only tire available at the moment was a Vee rubber.

New Dunlop front and Vee rear(bias) installed at the same time. Felt like a whole new bike, everything ran good, ok in wet weather.

About 3 weeks ago tire starting feeling weird. No noticeable problems, checked air pressure a few times, figured it was just tar snakes.

Ended up having a tread separation pimple just to the left of center. Called the shop who installed(Supreme in Lewiston excellent people there vs the crap dealership there), who quickly had his distributor rep contact me, who collected my info and had the manufacturer/distribution center in Atlanta contact me.

Within 3 hours and a few emails a I had a warranty tire on it's way to my doorstep.

Had it installed last saturday. I had to pay for the tire change, they wouldn't cover the labor.

So my first tire experience, less than stellar, customer service however was fantastic.

I remember Metz's or maybe Avon's having a similar issue here and there so I'm not ready to write the brand off just yet.
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