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OK, read lots good stuff on the Forum about lowering my 2012 Vegas.
(had the dealer do it when I bought the bike and wish I had not)
My need is not esthetic it is practical. The bike is my wife's, she is all of 5'4" with short legs and a new rider. So reaching the ground and control are very important.

Dealer put in 1 1/2 in links and softened the shock (I fixed the wiring problem created because the dealer didn't redress the wiring). Even at that the bike could be lower for best fit.
The dealer never told me that the bikes geometry would be thrown off (I should have known) because lowering the back creates increase rake on the front which causes the front end to be heavy and more difficult to control. Not a good thing in general and particularly for a new rider.

At the end of the day I want to make this right.

If anyone has successfully done this I would like to hear from them and what they did. I'm gona post a similar message on the Technical Form as well to get some additional info on the geometry.

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