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My hope is that those who are installing this kit, item number 2880766, will benefit from the points listed below. I put this post together after installing the Victory Extreme Fairing Audio kit in my 2012 Cross Country Tour. The kit I received had Instruction Number 9925657 Rev 02 11/14. Your kit may vary somewhat from mine. The Right and Left in the Instructions refers to the view from facing the bike.

Things to ponder before you begin:

1. If you have the Victory factory HID headlight and the Victory factory XM radio, and the Victory GPS harness,
you have decisions to make. You cannot use both the factory XM radio and the factory HID headlight with
the Victory Extreme Fairing Audio Kit. You'll have to remove one of those items because the supplied
amplifier either mounts to the original radio, where the XM radio mounts, or on the inner right side of the
fairing mount structure where the factory HID ballast mounts. I chose to remove my factory XM radio and
mount the supplied amplifier in that location.

2. You also need the Gray GPS connection with the Extreme Fairing Audio kit so if you have the Victory factory
GPS harness for the Garmin 660, you'll have to remove that because this kit uses that Gray GPS

3. If you ever thought about adding things like heated grips, a garage door opener switch in the blank fairing
switch location, a different inner fairing, horns under the fairing etc. now is likely the time to do it. The outer
fairing has to come off so this would be a good time to perform any other work you intend to do under the
fairing. Note: there is very little room left under the fairing after installing this kit. The new speaker
enclosures are easily 3 times as large as the original enclosures, Therefore they take up all the space under
the fairing outside of the main aluminum fairing structure.

4. Review an online video on removing the outer fairing. There are a few available and they make performing
this task a bit easier. The one I watched is on the - Victory Motorcycle Parts Supplier website here:

5. Read over the installation instructions.

6. Make yourself a 12" 2 wire harness for the 12VDC fairing outlet . Using a Black wire (Ground) and a Gray
wire (12VDC Hot) will match the original wiring harness on the bike. The reason this was needed on my
2012 CCT is because the supplied Extreme Audio harness simply wasn't long enough to make routing this
connection practical without it.

7. When you get to step 25e you're instructed to: Locate constant power from the right hand side aluminum
fairing frame and connect Power In. This is a step that has caused a lot of issues for many installers. For
one, the instructions don't simply tell you that means to piggy back off the back of the fairing 12VDC
cigarette lighter for Constant Power. And secondly, by following the instructions, you would have already
installed the Right Speaker Volume (enclosure) and now you no longer have access to the back of the
12VDC cigarette lighter. Again, Constant Power is the 12VDC power outlet. This isn't spelled out in the
instructions with any clarity whatsoever.

8. If you don't already have one, get yourself a 4mm ball end Allen wrench. It makes removing the fairing
screws a lot easier.

Once under way:

1. Be careful removing the fairing screws. Placing a piece of 3M blue painters tape on the outside of the forks
will help prevent scratching the fork tubes.

2. A simple plastic putty knife is all you need to remove the fairing speaker grills. Do not use a metal knife or a
screwdriver as you'll certainly leave indentation marks which will constantly be noticed.

3. I mounted the Extreme Fairing Audio amp piggy backed off the original amp. On my 2012 CCT, this means
it's located high and in the center under the fairing. I had to modify the supplied bracket to make it work.
On my 2012 CCT, I had to drill one hole that wasn't in the right spot and elongate another. Maybe later
bikes have a different hole pattern on the original amp. The hole pattern was fine to mount the amp to the
bracket. The correct orientation is to have the main connector facing Right.

4. Removing everything as per the instructions is fairly straight forward.

5. Once you have the Right side speaker Volume (enclosure) off, connect the 12" 2 wire harness you made as
mentioned above. Black to the outer ring of the 12VDC cigarette lighter for Ground and Gray to the inner
connector which is 12VDC Hot. If when crimping this connection if you touch the metal crimpers against the
aluminum fairing support, you'll likely blow the 20AMP mini Accessory fuse under the Riders Right side
cover. I ran these wires down the aluminum fairing mount and used a small access hole that's in it about
halfway down to then run these wires towards the center of the fairing.

Wiring it up, (after all the components are installed)

1. The wiring harness that came with my kit didn't have any identification labels as to what wires are for what.
There's simply a drawing of the harness on page 8 of the instructions that calls out what's what.
a) The Amplifier Connection - this simply plugs into the new amp
b) Speaker Wires In - these connectors from new speaker enclosures are the same but you'll want to ensure
Right is Right and Left is Left. On my CCT Right were the wires colored Blue w/Red stripe and Blue w/Black
stripe. Left was Brown w/Red stripe and Brown w/Black stripe.
c) Switched Power From GPS - this Gray connection was fairly easy to locate to the left of original radio amp
on my CCT
d) Speaker Wires Out - these connect to the original speaker wires that went to your original speakers. On my
CCT Right were Gray w/White strip and Gray w/Red stripe. Left was Brown w/Red stripe and Brown w/Black
e) Power In - if you made the 12" 2 wire harness you'll need to connect the Black wire and the Gray wire from
that to the original Black and Gray wires. Simply put both of the Black wires (the one you made plus the
original one that was on the back of the 12VDC outlet) under one crimp connector and do the same for the
Gray side. I used yellow shielded female connectors for the wires connected directly to the 12VDC. Then do
the same for the two black and Gray wires shown as Power In in the harness drawing. I used yellow
shielded male connectors for these ones. Now connect them together.

2. I have a small label maker so I made labels and attached them to each connection.

3. Turn it on and try it out.Nothing, no sound? Check to ensure that Ext Speakers are set to ON using the
Mode switch on the left handlebar controllers.

I was very happy with the overall sound of this system. I look forward to installing the Saddlebag Extreme Audio kit next.

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Wow, seems pretty intensive. Very detailed post, great job. I'll probably never do this mod because I'm not that much into music (probably due to the fact I wear hearing aids from my days when I did like music :smile) but this was interesting to read.
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After I was done with the install and before I installed the outer fairing, I turned the bike on to have a listen. I got nothing, no sound at all! I then remembered I should check to see if the EXT Speakers were even turned on. Sure enough, when I cycled through the Mode button I quickly saw they were set to OFF. I've only used a Sena headset with the Sena/Victory dongle since I bought this bike. I never considered this or the saddlebag kit until they went on the blowout sale. Then I figured, why not? Once they're gone, they're gone and at the price I justified the purchase. Plus I sold the XM Radio to another local CCT owner so that helped cover some of the cost. I'll be interested to hear it with my half helmet at speed and around town. I have Raging Cajun Medium Low & Throaty mufflers on my CCT. And yes, I'm fully aware that 99.999% of the population doesn't want to listen to or here a motorcycles audio system 99.999% of the time.

Funny thing is the Installation Instructions approximate the assembly time as 60 minutes. I took considerably longer than that. I also installed a gloss pearl white inner fairing which looks excellent. I retained the black speaker grills and top pieces for a bit of contrast. I tend to clean things up a lot as I take them apart as well. I probably spent over an hour just re-routing and tie wrapping multiple wiring harnesses under the fairing to make things a bit tidier and to make more room for the headlight.

I pick up the saddlebag lids Tuesday morning from the painter. This is the same painter (Colors On Parade in Chattanooga) who did my forged bar tops and the JTD inserts last year. Those items look fantastic, a perfect match on a very difficult color to get just right.
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