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Today I seen a CC and Chieftain in a Superstore parking lot parked beside each other this evening.(Canadian big box grocery store)
I took a moment to compare them visually.
The Chieftain was a red one, the CC was a black with grey flame paint .
The owners came along and while talking to them about the bikes (husband and wife).
The wife owns the chieftain and really likes the handling. The husband doesn't like the chieftain because he feels cramped on it (he looked to be about 6 ft. same as me), he also owns a Harley street glide and is selling it because of how cramped it is for riding.
While looking at the bikes as they were sharing their individual riding impressions of both bikes I noticed the CC looks like a much bigger bike sitting beside the Chieftain.
He said the chieftain does have a little more room than his Harley but the CC has lots of room and prefers to ride it.
She is the Chieftain rider because of this, I noticed both bike had lots of extra chrome and the Chieftain had some extra leather tassels (handle bar ends, floor boards). Both bikes had driver back rests.

Then came up the topic of performance, she did not comment about it much as she said all bikes have more power then she ever uses.
He on the other hand (typical guy) said "I notice a little more power when riding the Indian until at highway speed then I think the CC has more get up and go" I asked him if has done anything for power improvements, he said both bikes are stock but the Harley has some performance mods if I'm interested in buying it, I declined as I'm not interested in a Harley.
She then invited me to take the Chieftain for a ride (I'm a complete stranger and never met either of them before), I was kind of taken back by this and declined fearing someone might run into me and damage the bike and it was not mine, Told her "it was her bike and I don't have any right getting on someone else's personnel ride, and would feel uncomfortable about riding it".
I then thanked her for the invite and commended them both on the cool rides they have but had to go as the store was closing in 10 minutes.
I would have loved to have stayed and continued the discussion and they seemed disappointed I had to go.

PS; it was dark out at approximately 10:50pm and I wish I could have seen the bikes beside each other in the sunlight, instead of the poorly light artificial light from the parking lot light posts.

My conclusion, Test ride a bike before you buy and be sure it fits you, just because it is the newest cool model doesn't mean it is the bike for you, He bought the Chieftain for himself and the Harley was for her, but ended up giving her the Chieftain and then bought the CC for himself.cheers

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Good advice, but for some it all comes down to..."I've always wanted to own a (incert brand here)". That's all that matters.

When my buddy was in the market for a new bike he went to a local dealer that has both Indian and Victory. I'd had my Victory for a couple of years, but he never rode it so he had no idea what to expect. He took an XC for a spin and really liked it. Took the Chieftain for a spin and liked it too, but said it was more cramped and not as comfortable. He's about 6'2". In the end, he bought the Indian because...he has always wanted to own an Indian.

He's comfortable on it now and likes his ride just as much as we like ours. Just goes to show you that we don't all think alike. I would have never bought it if I were cramped on it and at the same time knew that there was a more comfortable bike out there.
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