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The big news from Victory for 2008 is the radical new Vision tourer, but that's far from the only thing Victory's got on deck for '08.

After giving us a little time to get over the shock of the Vision's unveiling now comes details about the rest of its 2008 line.

First up are two more new models, the Vegas Low and the Kingpin 8-Ball.

The Kingpin 8-Ball is just what it sounds like - Victory has taken their Kingpin model and given it the 8-Ball treatment, blacking out almost every part of the bike for that ever-popular 'Stealth Bomber' look. Its performance and ergonomics are identical to those of the Kingpin (with the exception of a 5-speed transmission rather than 6, and the loss of the passenger seat)

You won't find much chrome here - the wheels, handlebars, mirrors, triple trees, belt guard, sprocket, front forks, swingarm, strut covers, and other engine and chassis pieces all receive the blacked-out treatment that made the Vegas 8-ball so popular.

More: Victory Reveals 2008 Line-up on
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