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While this may be a sensitive topic among Vic owners, specially if they are still going by their local Victory Dealerships (sans no Victorys) and paying high prices for Vic parts.

My Question today, does it just seem OUTRAGEOUSLY high for them to be charging/asking for $170.00 for a service manual on CD.

I know for a fact when I bought my V92 Kingpin manual years ago it sure wasn't that high and it was just spiral bound printed and about an inch thick. Searching on Ebay for Service manuals (on CD or reprint) I'm leary as hell that I won't get what I pay for or get ripped off in the process. I had posed a similar question about a week ago to the forum, but the Vic forum member someone referred me to, has his profile set to private and you can't really talk/connect to him directly through the forum.

Most everywhere else here on the forum, it appears any links to service manuals have been removed, I assume due to copyright infringement, I get that. So, can anyone help me in acquiring a REAL service manual for my 2012 HighBall? It would be greatly appreciated. I just can't see spending $169.00 to Polaris for a CD in a fancy CDrom case...

I did a full teardown on my V92, sans motor and frame, so I have no fear in doing work on my bike, for most any project...

Sure a Victory it a little more complicated than my Triumph Bonnie back in the '70's or my Husqvarna, but not much more unless you get into a serious engine teardown...

Paul Bounds
Houston, TX
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