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Victory XR fairing

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I know there is one on this sight using the Vic fairing on the XR. Anyone else?

I was in the process of ordering my second Cee Bailey windshield today to try to get something that resembles wind protection without bolting a thousand pieces to the front of my bike. Let's just say that my customer service results at Cee Bailey were less then desirable. So that led me to a "screw it" moment and a call to Kate at Honda Toledo East for fairing pricing. She wasn't in, so now I have some more research time.

Thoughts on the fairing? BTW, I like the look and eventually was more than likely heading in that direction anyway.
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I love it. It's a whole new bike. Adds some width to the front matching the ass end. Certainly is a head turner. Still get some wind but no buffeting.


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That looks really good. Is that the stock windshield height? Like I said, I haven't looked into this a whole lot yet, but I like what I've seen so far.
Yes that's the shield that comes with the fairing.
I love my fairing, but did have to add fork mounted lowers, and that fixed the low pressure updraft buffeting from under the fairing. I put a CB streetglide shield on mine that I modified to work. And yes, I was pissed when I delt with them this time. Ordered online,changed order a few days later,was told that I would be put to the back of the line! I wasn't pleased with the original wait, nor the additional wait either!
i had 7 jurock build a windshield to my specs.yes it is bigger
than stock and i had them make a little larger lowers but it
flat out works.--irv

air goes around me.nothing hitting me in the chest.
i tried vic mid height, 22" cee baileys,both w/factory
lowers. sucked. 7J was the only one who would build one
to spec.nice people too.
Great information guys. I think I'm going to take the plunge. CB really turned me off to the point that my wife said "do what you want" before I even asked. We normally spend the $$ on her bike. LOL.

So I saw Street Glide windshield mentioned. Does that mean that any Harley Electra Glide type windshield will work with some slight dremel mods? Not sure I can give up my tinted windshield.
The Ultra windshields work with some trimming, and widending the holes in the bottom. It's pretty easy, I have a 4" tinted windscreen on mine and I love it.

I dont have a good pic with the street glide shield on, but yes, I got the CB dragon? I think, 9" set it in the slot for the shield, took a sharpie marked where to cut( took the whole bottom off 1 1/4") marked the holes drilled them out (slowly) with tape on the shield the whole time as not to scratch it. Easy as that! Took more time sanding the new bottom edge than anything else. Oh and it's dark, looks meaner thanshit!
I know there are a ton of options for Electra Glide windshields, flip this, tint that and so on. If an E Glide windshield works, I can throw money away from now until the cows come home looking for the perfect one.

After all of the pics were posted, I called up Kate at Honda Toledo East and ordered the fairing. They had one in stock for the past several months and another guy tried to grab it up right after I did. So, if you are that guy, sorry about that.
You're goin to like it!
Yeah I think so. Kind of like getting a new bike for under $1000.

This is the look I am after. Did you have any problems installing your auxillary lights with the Fairing? I was told that could not be done. You obviously proved them wrong.
light bar

Light bar works for me - did need to elongate the holes in the bar a tiny bit.


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This is the look I am after. Did you have any problems installing your auxillary lights with the Fairing? I was told that could not be done. You obviously proved them wrong.
No, if you don't space the lights out a little they rub the fairing. Other than that they are easy to install..

Fairing is on. The windshield is getting tint put on it right now. Pictures have been taken I just need to upload them. Should answer a few more questions in regards to the brackets, spacing of the windshield holes and such. Ill try to get them up by tomorrow night.
inquiring minds want to know. lots of pics please. might be one in
my future.

By billyrides at 2012-07-03

Fairing on the bike, no windshield

By billyrides at 2012-07-03

Close up of the fairing. I added a little foam pad between the fairing and the headlight shell to ensure that I would have no rattles. Not sure that I would anyway, but since I was there.

By billyrides at 2012-07-03

Another shot of the fairing with no windshield. Sorry that the sun is in the wrong spot to take pics but you get the idea.

By billyrides at 2012-07-03

Fairing mounts. Something about a caveman doing it. Top bolts are a bitch to get to though. We modified a hex tool.

By billyrides at 2012-07-03

Bottom mount

By billyrides at 2012-07-03

Windshield held up against a '12 Harley FLHTP. Mounting holes are close to identical in location.

By billyrides at 2012-07-03

Inside of the fairing. Sloppy picture but once again, you get the idea.
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Just wondering how much wind flow do you get from the gap between the head light and fairing? Is it noticeable?

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