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I decided to try out Viking Bags with Easy brackets on my 8 Ball. This is my first road bike and my first set of saddle bags I have ever had so I dont have any experience with anything else.
I feel the Viking bags are a decent quality for the price i paid and the ordering and shipping process went smooth. The bags arrived exactly 1 week after i placed the order. The mounting kit and throw over yoke did not seem like it was going to work for me. They would have had the bags hanging at a bad angle unless i modified the mounting brackets to push the top out about 2". I also would not have been able to open the bags unless i did this because they were laying right under my passenger seat and they open forward.
I decided to try the Easy Brackets to try to fix this and make it easy to get the bags off for cleaning the bike as well. The brackets arrived 4 days after i ordered them and seem like quality pieces. I had read that they hold the bags on a pretty bad angle on the Vegas so I was ready to bend them to get the bags hanging straight. I had to stick them in a vice and bend the bottoms down and it worked out pretty good. I also had to shim the top of the bags away from the brackets about 1 1/4". I used some big washers for this right now, but I am going to make something a little nicer now that I know what i need.
I had to cut part of the back side of the bags on the lid so I could mount the bags down a little lower.
Sorry for the long post but I wasnt able to find any pics of these bags on a Vegas and wanted to add my experience with these bags.

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