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They are talking about upper 60's the first of next week. So maybe I'll get some riding in, need to do something.
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Those passenger handles are gold now.
Easy $400 or more.
I will keep that in mind tks Indy I wasn't aware of that!
I have never had passenger I use them to strap down cooler on trips. :)

Got excited when I saw no rain Friday. I click on details and high wind warning for Friday. Oh well guess I'm still not riding yet.
They would be useful for that, they were / are cutting into the sides of the ultimate seat, not cut, but a good dent and I've never used them. I will keep them for a bit see if I miss them 8)

Just watching the weather here to, saying 40s here but it's still pretty warm out there right now.
The last few days it's been raining hard enough here that a couple of times we couldn't see a city block. Still showing six days of rain and two partial sun. Insurance stays off until there's more sun than rain. I haaaaaate riding in the rain.
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rained over night here and 50 % chance of rain most of the day according to the app not enough rain to clean the roads up yet ....48 F so far not as cold as they said it would be...I'll take it 8)
32 degrees this morning with a high around 65 degrees today with 10 to 15 mph winds. We didn't get any rain yesterday but have a chance Sunday night and Monday.
Supposed to be near 80 this weekend. Might take a ride to Bryce Canyon.
Frog strangling rain in NW GA today.
90°F here in central FL at 5:30 p.m. It was a scorcher today. I spent all day inside, fortunately. Supposed to be only a couple degrees cooler tomorrow and I golf at about 8:00 to noon. Gonna be a hot one.
in the 40s F this morning and raining hard out there....good to get rid of the sand on the roads
Massive thunderstorms last night. The dogs were petrified.
It's 41 degrees this morning with winds out of the South at 2 mph. It will be sunny with a high around 73 with wind around 25 mph, we will see. Yesterday the winds were suppose to be around 15 but they were in the mid 20's. They took our rain chances out for Sunday night and Monday'
Massive thunderstorms last night. The dogs were petrified.
I heard same from my mom and her dogs. Haha

Gonna be a while before I have pets again.
86°F here today at 1:50 and bright sunshine. About 65°F when I left for golf at 8:20 a.m. but warmed up a lot and still headed higher. We are almost certain to hit 90°F again today.
Upper 30's this morning upper 60's this afternoon with low winds.
been raining hard here most of the night and this morning 44 F and looks like that's as warm as it gets today
28 F here this morning and an inch of snow back on the ground 8( won't be riding today!
The low was 52 degrees F. this morning, clear skies. The high will be in the low 80's with 15 to 25 mph winds from the S/W. We have some blowing dust this afternoon.
Beautiful 78° day Rode 150 miles
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