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Wharf Rat is Atlantic Canada's biggest rally. Despite the rain estimates put the crowd at 80,000. Of that about 30,000 bikes rolled on into Digby Nova Scotia. Crazy ass weekend.

I know there are a couple Canadian east coasters on this site. Any Rats out there? Anyone hit up any previous years?

Next year will be the tenth anniversary. Shame of it is though, the city is saying they are pulling funding after this the vendors and the locals in general all say they'll run it with or without the citys help. But hopefully it goes off.

Ma Vic was there in full force and maybe it was just my timings on the strip but the vics were always crowded...the HD tent...well excpet for people escaping the rain...was by no means packed. Problem is though, HD had a test ride set up...Vic did not. Gotta change that in the future.

My favourite paint job goes too;

Accomedations, best in the world...of course the company had a lot to do with it.

And of course what rally is complete without a nice set of jugs!

Good times in the maritimes. So again, any rats out there?
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