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I'm still waiting for a quote from my local Victory dealer, I first asked for a quote on a Cross Roads in Crimson but he's yet to get around to giving me a quote, and that was three weeks ago! I'm not sure what the deal is with this, weird!

Anyhow, with all of this spare time on my hands, I've started toying with the idea of going with the Cross Country instead of the Cross Roads.

I was wondering what you other Canadians have been getting for prices on the new 2011 Cross Country? From reading posts on some of these forums, it looks like the prices can vary greatly from individual to individual.

Here in Canada, a 2011 Cross Country in black lists for $20,069.00 and the ones in blue list for $20,629.00

I remember this Vic dealer saying that he has more room to move on the price of the bike itself and not so much on accessories.

What would be a decent price for one of these new Cross Countrys? And can you get the bike in blue at no extra cost or maybe less then that extra $580.00 or whatever it is that they charge?

I'm just trying to get a feel for what others here in Canada have gotten for a deal. I'd ask my American friends but I already know that you guys get super-good deals on these bikes, compared to us up here in Canada anyway.
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