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As a current owner of a Suzuki M109R, I have been looking pretty closely at Victorys lately. They are absolutely gorgous bikes! While I'm very happy with my 109, I am considering adding a Hammer to keep it company in my garage (that is if I can get congress to approve the funding).

What was the first model year with the 106 engine? What was the first year with the 6 speed tranny?

Will Victory dealers typically allow test rides?

Doing a little research I found out the Victory has a long stroke engine, which I assume means that it makes a tremendous amount of bottom end torque. By contrast my M109R has a very short stroke engine, which means it gives up some bottom end torque to gain high RPM HP. It redlines at 7500 RPM whereas I've noticed the Hammer redlines at around 5500. If I rev the 109 into its upper RPM range it goes like a bat outta he11, but I also like bottom end torque, which is another thing that attracts me to the Hammer.

What kind of RPMs does the Hammer turn at say 60 MPH in 6th gear? My 109 turns 2800 in 5th at 60 MPH (it only has 5 gears).

If there's anything you guys think would be helpful info for someone considering a Victory, I'm all ears.

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Hey Grampi

The Victory factory 106 came out in 2008 with the Vision. The 2009 Jackpot and Hammer have the 106.

You are correct that the Freedom engine is TQ happy at the bottom.

If I'm not mistaken the first year for the 6 speed was 2005.

Not only will the dealers allow test drives they encourage it!:)

6th gear at 60mph is about 2000rpm.

Helpful info? The bikes are pretty much bullet proof. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions about your bike from admirers.

Hint, if you can buy used with a warranty. You will save a lot of money.
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