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I know I have another thread asking about this, but I thought for the sake of someone else SEARCHING...that maybe this would be an easier find.'ve decided you wanted a different windshield on your Cross Country Tour....but all the alternatives for OEM type shields are plain windshields which means they don't have the decals that come on the OEM Stock TALL windshield. You want a decal that HIDES your brackets for the windshield, but what can you one sells them.

I tried to do a "tracing"...not a very good outcome.

I decided to go one of my local signshops...the one with the "younger" owners in the hopes they might be more enthusiastic about helping me for such a small project.

I lucked out...this guy took my OEM Windshield...laid it up on his copying machine...had a co-worker PRESS DOWN HARD to flatten the shield...and then COPIED it.

A little work in Photoshop and he came out with decal that is PRETTY DARN CLOSE TO OEM. About the only thing missing is the "gradient" for the outside 1/16"...but other than that...looks the same.

Here's what my shield looks like. NOTE: the angle of the picture makes the holes seem they are not matched up...but in reality...only one is slightly off center and that will be covered up by the windshield bolt flange. VERY NICE!!


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