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I'm looking for an oil in walmart, I saw a post with part numbers but can't locate it now. Can someone give me a number to lookup or cross reference it

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I'm guessing 90% of us use a Wix filter from the auto store
p/n 51358

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Thanx for the reply, I ended up hitting the local dealer and went with all vic oil and filter after all. I was getting a brain tumor reading all the posts and crap. Even thou I couldve gotten the 20/50amsoil for 8.50 and I thought the 5w of the T6 was just too thin for the cold weather coming up, I just stayed with ma vic. But I did find out my closest vic dealer which is new to the brand was ripping me off.

5qts plus filter 66 bucks, they had no kits

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Here is a few to choose from:
Motorcycle filters
•AC Delco PF2135
•AMSOil SMF103
•Carquest 85358
•AC Delco PF2135
•Honda 15410-MCJ-000
•K&N KN-204. Metric nut on end for easy removal.
•NAPA Gold 1358
•Purolator ML16817. Imported, not made by Purolator.
•WIX 51358

Recommended filters.
All have superior filtering.

About 2.5 inches long.
•Purolator Pure One PL14612.
•Mobil M1-108. Made by Champion.
•Bosch 3300. Made by Champion.
•Wal-Mart SuperTech ST6607. Made by Champion.

About 3.25 inches long.
•Purolator Pure One PL14610.
•Mobil 1 M1-110. Made by Champion.
•Bosch 3323. Made By Champion.
•WalMart SuperTech ST7317. Made by Champion.

Automobile Filters, about 2.5 inches long.
•AC Delco PF1237
•Baldwin B1400
•Firestone TF2876
•Hastings LF113
•NAPA Gold 1365
•Purolator L14612
•STP S-02876
•WalMart SuperTech ST6607
•WIX 51365

Automobile Filters, about 3.25 inches long.
•AC Delco PF-2057
•Auto Pro 2356
•Autopride CF240AP
•Baldwin B1402
•Carquest 85356
•Carquest Red B4620
•Casite CF240
•Castrol 7317
•Champion Labs Ph2867
•Defense Filters Dl7317
•Deutsch D-370
•Federated Filters LF240F

Automobile Filters, about 3.25 inches long.
•Fram Double Guard DG7317
•Fram PH7317
•Fram Tough Guard TG7317
•Fram Xtra Guard XG7317
•Group 7 V4610
•Group 7 V4620
•Hastings LF240
•Mighty M4612
•Motorcraft Long Life FL-821
•Napa FIL1356
•Napa Gold 1356 same as Wix
•Parts Plus PH2867
•Pennzoil PZ-109
•Penske 7317
•Powerflo SL14610
•Powerflo SL14620
•Pro Gauge PGO-4620
•Pro Tec 164
•Promotive PH4610
•Pronto PO3593A
•Purolator L14610
•Service Champ OF-4622
•Shell SH48
•Shell SH529
•STP S-02867.
•Valvoline VO50
•Warner PH2867
•Wix 51356

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Actually, the lower viscosity of 5wt is for cold starting...
Yeah, I just realized I wrote that wrong. Nvm lol

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Here's what I'll be using

PFL 41365

Features & Benefits
NAPA Platinum Oil Filters Use Wire-Backed, Reinforced, Fully Synthetic Media For Very Best In Engine Protection. Our Platinum Oil Filters Provide Ultimate Protection, Offering Technology For The Lastest Advancements In Synthetic Oils; Sealing Gaskets Are Made Of A Hydrogenated Nitrile Compound For Improved Durability At High Temperatures; NAPA Platinum Filters Are Essential For Elite Vehicle Maintenance And Complete Peace Of Mind.; Up To 50% More Dirt Holding Capacity Than NAPA Gold; Uses Silicon Anti-Drain Back Valves Which Will Not Harden Or Become Brittle, Providing Greater Protection Over Standard Nitrile Valves Used in Lesser Quality Economy Filters; NAPA Platinum Oil Filters Are The "BEST" Filter Choice In NAPA's Family Of Filters, When Using Synthetic Motor Oils Or Dealing With Harsh Or Severe Driving Conditions; Has Stronger, Upgraded Can Design

Flow Rate : 7 to 9 gpm
Gasket I.D. (Inches) : 2.173"
Gasket I.D. (mm) : 55 mm
Media Type : Wire Backed Synthetic
Oil Filter Gasket O.D. (Inches) : 2.475"
Oil Filter Gasket O.D. (mm) : 63 mm
Oil Filter Height (Inches) : 2.577"
Oil Filter Height (mm) : 65 mm
Oil Filter O.D. (Inches) : 2.68"
Oil Filter O.D. (mm) : 68 mm
Oil Filter Style : Spin-On Lube Filter
Oil Filter Thread Size (mm) : 20 x 1.5 mm

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and that napa filter is made by wix so it is a great choice.
carquest premium,napa, and wix are all the same.thats why the
number is similar
the only thing i can see about the vic filter is its supposed to be
a 10 micron filter. wix says 20.or at least 20 full pass and some
lower. --irv

i just compared a wix and polaris filter side by side.identical
looking inside and out including all the crimps. same # 20 stamped
on the spin on flange.only difference was the color of the anti
backflow rubber.[bypass valve]. both made in USA.hmmmm
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