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Who in CT knows how to tune this 106ci 2009

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This vision, a 2009 tour premium, is very nice and I like it very much.

It's never, from 19k miles to 30k today, started very well. Always you have to baby the throttle with your hand and mind. Then it's fantastic, smooth, comfortable, kind of slow.

And today it wouldn't start at a super busy urban gas station for ten minutes.

Already replaced IAC, cleaned throttle body, changed air filter, battery, and the little coiled plastic coated wire which holds open the trunk. (30$ lol)

Anybody in CT or the northeast?

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For 11k you fought with starting the bike? Why didn't you address it before now?

IAC hoses cracked is first guess due to age.
You don't mention where in CT you are but Lloydz is in Pine Bush NY so it would be less than a day for you.
Being that close that's where I'd be headed and maybe think about cams air filter and a tune.
Thanks very much! I hadn't known Lloyd's was anywhere near me.
Maybe I'll take your advice about the cams too!
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