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I'd get in a lot of trouble if I owned one of these but I would sure like to ride it for a while. Somewhere I could really open it up on a straight away to feel all the power. I'm surprised at how compact it is too. This is a truly rideable V8 motorcyle.

The Aussie-built 2-liter, 334-horsepower PGM V8 motorcycle

By Loz Blain
May 13, 2015

33 Pictures

Road test legend Alan Cathcart rides the PGM V8
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Aussie petrolheads love their V8 engines. And with production winding down on the last of the great V8 Commodores and Falcons that have been a staple of Australian roads since the late 1960s, one small team has decided to keep the tradition alive by creating the PGM V8 motorcycle that is fit to tear up tarmac like the best of Brocky's supercars.

The PGM V8 motorcycle is an absolute brute. Its whopping 1996cc, 90-degree V8 engine spins to 12,800 rpm to smash out 334 hp (249 kW) at the countershaft sprocket, while torque is a massive 214 Nm (158 ft-lbs). This thing will go through rear tyres like you and I go through clean underpants.

Wet weight, fully fuelled, it is 242 kg (534 lb), which is an impressive feat given the gargantuan engine. To achieve this weight, the bodywork is 100 percent carbon fiber, the bike runs twin titanium 4-into-2–into-1 exhausts custom-built by Akrapovic, and the frame in a combination of chrome-moly trellis at the front and a machined aluminium subframe at the rear.

The PGM V8 isn't the first Australian V8 motorcycle – Ian Drysdale and Barbarian have been making V8s for a number of years now, although the Barbarian team used a 5.7-liter Chevy engine, while PGM painstakingly purpose-designed its engine for motorcycle use.
That's about all we know at this point, but we'll try to get in touch with the PGM team to learn more. In the meanwhile, enjoy the extensive image gallery.
Source: PGM V8 motorcycle
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