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New memeber "bigfoot" here,
Hope I'm doing this right, I am looking for misc electrical parts, the type that would get damaged in a garage fire! I need handle bar controls if you have upgraded to chrome ones and have the stock black ones reasonable I need em. also need speedo, fuel control module and misc other stuff. Please help reply or email [email protected]
God bless
Update... I got speedo still looking for those elusive handle bar controls and I figured out that it's not called a fuel control module but electrical control module PN 4110212, also need alot of other electrical parts if you got em I probbly need em!

Update...OK, things are going well I got handle bar controls (off a harley) that I can make work, still need alot of other electrical.....

update... Bought and ECM but decided not to use harley controls so still need handle bar switches,cables etc....
UPDATE.... Got a stock set of handle bar controls, still need cables Clutch, Throttle etc
UPDATE.... Heard the bike run for the first time tonight don't really need any more parts hope to be riding soon!!
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