So in going through some boxes and in an attempt to clean off my workbench to do some woodworking, I've got a couple items that may be of interest.
These all were for or came from the Cross-series of bikes, but there are a couple items that most likely are universal for all Vic's.

1. Stock, bullet style headlight (replaced with the Beacon LED unit on my old XR) with bulbs still installed, and which worked when i pulled it out of the bike a few years ago. I'll even clean off the bugs prior to shipping. No damage. - $75

2. Black OEM saddlebag hinges in near perfect shape. There are no scratches or damage, just dusty/dirty from sitting. - $100 for the pair. - SOLD

3. Arlen Ness contrast cut hinge covers. These are new and only removed from the package to see how they would look on my bike. I never got a chance to use them on my old XR and they just don't look right on my current XC. 3M adhesive strips are still attached - $150 - SOLD

4. VicBaggers underseat backrest mount. No passenger pad attached as this was the second one they sent me to try and work on my XC. A little dirty and there are some rub marks from when i tried to install it. In the end I had to notch out the holes to get it to work, and you may have to do the same - google it and you'll see its common for some XC's. I don't have the foggiest why some fit perfect and others don't. If you contact VicBaggers they will tell you to beat your seat into place in order to get the mounting holes for it to line up and to try and adjust your rear fender if it makes contact - the seat can't be beaten that far back and even if you wanted to adjust the rear fender, you aren't doing it without notching the mounting holes for your fender. You might get lucky, and you might not so I want that to be clear. You will also need to supply your own backrest pad which either you can use a universal one or you might be able to contact VicBaggers for the one that is designed to be used with it. - $50.

5. Chrome crash bar footrests. designed to be mounted on the tube style crash bars. I didn't use them on my XR and my XC has the forge bars so I can't use them. These should fit any other crashbars for Victorys or even the dreaded Harleys.. Prolly all crash bars for that matter since they just clamp down. but they are in perfect shape and just a little dusty/dirty. - $50.- SOLD

6. Last but not least, a pair of lower fork mounted wind deflectors for the XR. I suspect these would also work on some of the other steel frame bikes with similar diameter fork tubes. I was going to try these on my XC but couldn't figure out a good way to do it without colliding with the batwing. I did have them mounted on my XR and they worked pretty well. When i added the closeouts on the crash bars i really didn't need them anymore and ended up just removing them and boxing them up. The chrome is in great shape, and like with the headlight, i'll be sure to polish them up and and clean the bug goo off as well. - $100.- SOLD

pics to follow and if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or even a funny anecdote, post it here or PM me. I usually check in here a couple times a day. If you need some better pics or measurements, hit me with that too.

I will mark on here when items are sold and remove the pics so as not to cause any confusion as to what is still available and what is not.

Thanks y'all!